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Company Introduction:
Company Introduction
Canaan Timeline
Management Philosophy
【Taibei Corporation】
6F-5, NO.63, Sec.2, Chang-An E. Rd., Taipei 104, Taiwan
【Taichung Corporation】
No.140, Houzhuang 7th St., Beitun Dist., Taichung City 406, Taiwan
Company Introduction
Since its founding in 1980, Canaan Electric Corporation has been providing state- of-the-art, professional, multi-dimensional automatic control components. It also acts as an agent for various leading European brands and its sales encompasses diversified products. In addition to innovative sensors, various switches and linear position sensing products, it also provides high quality and high stability control components for timing, lighting, temperature/humidity and pressure as well as counter, encoder and signal tower. Meanwhile, Canaan also introduced advanced application systems such as RFID industrial identification system and remote systems.
All of Canaan's products, no matter if they are manufactured by Canaan or others, come with extremely satisfactory guarantee on quality with highly competitive prices and complete services. Our goal is to meet customers' needs and we hope to provide our customers with the most complete solution projects. You are welcome to call or write to our service staff for any related issues and we are dedicated to offer services you need.
Canaan Timeline
1980 Company was founded with own products of timer and counter. CEC brand soon became one of the leading timer companies in industrial market.
1985 Started the cooperation with Fritz Kuebler GmbH, and being the exclusive agent in Taiwan. Later in the same year, Canaan also became the exclusive agent of Theben AG.
1991 Started business with Eliwell S.p.A, and later in year 1998 became the exclusive agent of Eliwell, also known as Invensys climate control.
1999 Established our new CIS, and CANAAN became a common logo for all our sales activities. As our slogan says: The best choice of fruitful automation, we have been successfully transformed our core value of business from timer manufacturer to an automation solution provider.
2003 Annual turnover reach NT$ 100 million.
2006 Canaan started business with Werma signal devices.
2009 Canaan changed our slogan to "Energy Saving through Automation". And we are now having extended our business from industrial automation oriented into Home automation market.
2011 Canaan was authorized by Theben AG in China for counties which are Shandong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian.
Management Philosophy
Business Spirit: With the spirits of striving, tolerance, commitment to promises and sustained management, we're determined to create happy lives and share shareholder's rights for all of our employees. We're also dedicated to assume our share of responsibility towards the society.
Business Position: We will zero in on "manufacturing and distributing of automatic mechanical products' as the center of our overall management and we will utilize "CANAAN" as the common service logo for products that are either made by or distributed by Canaan.
Management Pattern: With humanism and knowledge economy as the center philosophy for promoting management, we encourage our employees to be engaged in life-time learning and exploit team spirit of helping and encouraging each other.
Through the organization, we will work with the ever changing internal and external environments and cultivate aggressively second generation of excellent management team. With current management structure, Canaan will utilize management knowledge in the learning of modern industrial technology and marketing pattern to ensure competitiveness for our business. Although located in Taiwan, we're focused on the global market. We hope to become a world renowned excellent business.
CEC timer and counter developed by Canaan come with high design. They are accurate and stable and they're good for application on various machines. They have excellent anti-noise capability and low voltage characteristics and they can be used under hostile environments.
Balluff - Sensors Worldwide
With more than 40 years of experience, Balluff GmbH is today a world leading manufacturer of sensor solutions.
Sophisticated technology and the most modern electronics, application-specific customer solutions, individual assistance and first-class service are the hallmarks of our company.
Balluff stands for:
  • Mature technology
  • Continuous innovation
  • Expert application experience
  • Highest quality
  • Greatest reliability
  • Maximum customer orientation
Most of Theben's products operate in the background: they control the lighting of private and public buildings, regulate the indoor temperature and operate your canvas blinds on request. However, the products have one thing in common: they make your everyday life as agreeable as possible and help you save energy at the same time.
The core competences now include:
  • Light control through twilight switches and presence detector and motion detector.
  • Climate control through analogue and digital clock thermostats for room- by-room control.
  • KNX components for building systems engineering: from light and climate control to fully automate shutters and blinds run by a KNX weather station.
  • OEM solutions for providers of heating systems, operating systems, and control engineering as well as energy suppliers.
KueblerThe core business of the Kübler Group is the development, manufacture and marketing of leading-edge position and motion sensors, innovative display and counting technology as well as connection and transmission technology. We see the opportunities for our business in the field of application oriented innovations and in the provision of outstanding all-round service always with the success of our customers in mind. With over 350 employees and 3 production sites, we reliably ensure the high level of flexibility of our products, superior quality management as well as exceptional delivery dependability.
In the plant based in Belluno Eliwell develops and produces controllers and control systems for cooling units used in commercial and industrial applications.
Eliwell is also a specialist in the production of controllers for air conditioning systems, co-operating with the major European producers within this industry. In addition to its products, characterized by high quality and reliability in every type of application, Eliwell has a distinguished reputation for the attention and service standards it offers to its customers. This is demonstrated by the dedicated customized solutions and specific consultation services offered by Eliwell to its customers during the specification and installation processes.
Life in the modern industrial society is characterised by the fast pace of technological development. Each advancement demands a simultaneous improvement in personal safety standards.

WERMA has been manufacturing high quality electronic signaling devices for more than 60 years, continually contributing to safety and economy in the modern working and industrial society.
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